The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible

January 04, 2016

"The best Bible comic book/graphic novel I have read."

WV Stitcher
"I wasn't sure how I would feel about a comic book version of the Bible but honestly I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this book!"

Mozi Esme
"The graphics are very well done. Lovers of comics will appreciate this."

Indoor Garden Musings
"They did a good job picking the different heroes of the Bible."

Live to Read to Live
"Visually engaging."

Awaiting the King
"Highly Recommended!"

3 Partners in Shopping
"These are the kind of Heroes that we want our children to relate to."

Andrew Smith's Blog
"I enjoyed reading this dynamic new comic Bible and I highly recommend it, if you’re a fan of comics!"

Seasons of Opportunities
"I have mixed feelings about this book."

Faith and Family Reviews
"The pictures are vivid and exciting and it presents the Bible in such a great new way!"

Godly Book Reviews
"This is a very unique format, that will interest kids of all ages."

Kissed by Literature
"It is a great idea to get youth interested in the Bible."

"This is a great version of the Bible for young ones who want to see it in a whole new way."

Misty 103
"I honestly found this book to be horrible"

A Girl and Her Bible
". . . the graphics are superb, I love them."

Learning Table
"The artwork is what pulled me in immediately–it is dark, frightening, mysterious, beautiful, powerful–just what God’s story should be."

A Book A Day
"I’m not really sure if this book would spark young readers interest in reading stories from the Bible."

Mommy Secrets
"Think DC comics meets the BIble."

Vic's Media Room
"This is not just entertainment it is The Bible stories given so that we can see the Wonder of God!"