The Hawk and the Dove, The Long Fall and The Wounds of God

June 01, 2015

What our bloggers had to say:

By the Book
"With modern day lessons from ancient monks told in a quiet yet powerful way, The Hawk And The Dove trilogy is one I highly recommend."

Read to Live to Read
"Words cannot adequately express how much these stories moved me."

Leah's Good Reads
" I love the style of the stories- in the tone of classics like Canterbury Tales."

Found a Christian By His Grace
"Read these books, and let the characters take up residence in your heart. There is a heart-easing, comforting way about these books."

Books, Reviews, Etc.
"The author gives the reader little tid bits of a deepness that has been woven like a web into the story. "

A Cup of Tea, A Friend, And a Book "All three of these books are filled with love, unexpected loss, the beauty of nature, work and worship"

Seeking with all Yur Heart "I was captivated by the tales of humility, complete reliance on God and reading about those who longed to be like Christ no matter the cost to themselves."

Kissed by Literature "I couldn’t stop reading."

Tell Me a Story, Raggedy Man "Not many books are written today about non-romantic relationships in a community, but that sort of love is just as important as romantic love. "

Book Reviews from an Avid Reader " There are lessons to learn from both the contemporary and historical aspects of the book. "

Window To My World "Wilcock does a good job of reflecting the transformational power of God’s love as opposed to rote religion."

Learning, Teaching, and Laughing "For me, this batch of books was a pleasant diversion, showing beauty even in a chaotic world. I think they’re an excellent read for young or old. "

Indoor Garden Musings "I liked the list of the members of the abbey, glossary, schedule of the monastic day, and the liturgical calendar."

The Power of Words "These stories are timeless, compelling, and will speak to everyone. Highly recommended."

Hannamarielei "I found each of the books to be a great read, as a stand alone, and especially in series."

Life With Katie "It's not often that I get to delve into the lives of monks living back in the 14th century and honestly, I'm hoping that I get another chance at another time."