The Hardest Thing to Do

October 27, 2015

Vic's Media Room "Ms. Wilcock has given us a unique story that will capture your attention as you read and flip pages as fast as possible."

Indoor Garden Musings "I liked the characters in this book as much as I did in the other three books."

Seeking with all Yur Heart "This series is definitely on my “keeper” shelf and I hope it will be on your shelf as well!"

By the Book "I love how Wilcock takes the unfamiliar lives of 14th century monks and makes them relevant for modern day believers."

Kissed by Literature "There is bound to be one character, if not more, in this story who will enchant you to no end."

Tell Me a Story, Raggedy Man "Even if someone doesn't normally like historical or Christian fiction, these books are a raw, honest look at people, at the body of Christ, and how he works through people."

Bookmarks and Coffee Mugs "My favorite part of the novel was the message of forgiveness and love."

Little Homeschool on the Prairie "The plot and characters are interesting."

Book Reviews from an Avid Reader "This novel is a good study in character."

Misty103 "I enjoyed the author's writing style, my only wish is that the book would have moved along a bit faster. "

The Power of Words "The Hardest Thing to Do is indeed timeless and relevant because it explores the essence and struggles of obedience to Christ’s teachings probably better than anything I’ve ever read."

Four Seasons of Fiction and Non Fiction Books "I love The Hawk & The Dove Series."

Found a Christian By His Grace "I marvel at the way Penelope has imagined the whole world of St. Alcuin's Abbey . . . "