The Elusive Miss Ellison

March 21, 2017

English Lady
"For a hate to love story, this was incredibly well done, not clichéd, mushy or silly, but depicted the developing relationship and feelings in a realistic way. I now rank Carolyn Miller amongst my favourite regency authors Julie Klassen, Sarah Ladd, and the British Philippa Jane Keyworth."

Melissa Finnegan
"I really did enjoy this story very much. I will be anxious to read the rest of this series."

"A very enjoyable novel. I highly recommend it to regency romance fans."

"Overall, I'd recommend this enjoyable story."

"While I liked the characters in this story, the overall book moved a bit slow for me."

Maureen Timerman
"A sweet quick read that will linger with you."

Gayle Pace
"5 stars."

Tammy G.
"Love and forgiveness with a secret or two make this a most wonderful read!"

"A beautiful love story filled with surprises."

Amada Chavez
"LOVE IT! :D I'm a HUGE fan of Jane Austen and Carolyn's style reflects Jane's beautifully! This book is filled with the truth of forgiveness and the peace of redemption!!!"

"This was a sweet romance. 4 stars and a G rating for content."

Jalynn Patterson
"I loved it. Hope to read more if her writing in the future!"

Lynn M.
"A well written story. The characters came to life on the pages and found myself often chuckling at their ways of speaking to each other. I look forward to the rest of the books in the series."

Diane Estrella
"Most fun was the witty banter between the two of them. Engaging and brought a smile to my face many times."

"A fantastic addition to a regency fan's library. A delightful book from start to finish!"

"An excellent romantic story that seems to literally leap off the pages."

Pause for Tales
"I am very pleased with this book and I consider it my favorite regency read this year. And I have read some pretty good ones."

Books For Christian Girls
"I was pleasantly surprised by all the faith & Spiritual content, and so enjoyed reading all those parts."

"A sweet Christian read."

Heart2Heart Reviews
"I can tell fans of the genre will absolutely LOVE Lavina Ellison's gumption, grit and sass! The attention to detail instantly transports readers back to Gloucestershire, England of the early 1800's. 5 stars."

Baker Kella
"It astounds me that [this] is Carolyn Miller's debut novel. An exquisite read."

"A great book for seekers and believers who also enjoy historical fiction."

Carole Jarvis
"Well written with a vivid sense of place and period authenticity, and blends witty dialogue with a strong foundation of faith."

"An all around good read! I enjoyed the humor."

"Delectably sweet and genteel and a highly recommended read for teens and adults of any age."

Blooming with Books
"This book is a delightful blend of a unique story with a subtle nod to the talent of Jane Austen."

Ann Hibbard
"Definitely a good read."

Hanna Lei
"The characters and setting are spot on and the whole novel is beautifully written."

Penny-Minding Mom
"You will find yourself lost in a story of forgiveness, love and God's grace."

"When compared to those other Regencies I've read, I found these characters had more depth and dimension."

Beth Milinski
"From start to finish this book grabbed me until the end. 5 STARS."

Kristin Plausky
"Different than the other Regency books I have read, in the fact that it's not centered around the Season and multiple balls.This book is a refreshing change into a country scene where balls don't matter as much as pulling up your sleeves and helping those that need the help."

Veronica Sternberg
"The writing was wonderful with such witty dialogue!"

"You won't be able to put it down."

Lane Hill
"Such a beautifully written story."

Singing Librarian
"A splendid and delightful regency-romance that readers will absolutely love."

Mommy Secrets
"Charming, sweet and full of raw emotions."

"The story plot was very interesting and had the reader glued to the book."