The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey

October 23, 2017

Carrie Schmidt
"Layered characters and attention to historical detail make each read a great read."

Hayden Wand
"The story was sweet."

Gayle Pace
"A lovely emotional book. Don't miss this book. 5 STARS."

Lisa Johnson
"5 stars. The author has a wonderful way of intertwining faith into the story without condescension or preachiness. Kudos Carolyn for a great series!!"

"I'd recommend this enjoyable story."

"A wonderful addition to this series."

Amada Chavez
"Fans of this series are not going to be disappointed with this final addition! Faith, adventure, romance, and so much more await and it's all wrapped up in an absolutely GORGEOUS cover! :)"

Shantelle Mary
"A stunning read. I got lost in this gorgeous, emotional regency tale."

"A wonderful story that will make your head spin and keep the reader wanting more."

Lynn M.
"I have loved this series by Carolyn. An absolute delight to read."

Anne Payne
"4 STARS!!! Full of intrigue, betrayal, jealousy, friendship, and love. With superb themes of grace and forgiveness."

Maureen Timerman
"This book like the others is so good."

"Easily garners a 5 out of 5 stars."

"This has been a wonderful series and one I highly recommend. Although the books could each be read as a stand alone, I suggest you read them in order to fully appreciate each and every story."

Diane Estrella
"The characters are both lovely and realistically flawed in unusual ways."

"The thread of faith was woven beautifully throughout the story ."

Jordan Mierek
"Definitely read this book."

"Carolyn Miller gets better and better with each book! 5 stars."

"Add this thoroughly satisfying book and series to your reading list!"

Carol R. Gehringer
"A delightful read for adults and older teens!"

Megan Scott
"Exceptional on so many levels. This whole book is so well written and is a unique Regency era story. "

English Lady
"Told with the striking realism and humour."

Sally M.
"An enjoyable novel."

"A sweet romance story that shows trust in God and your heart is more important than what society's expectations are."

Baker Kella
"My favorite book in the Regency Brides: A Legacy of Grace series! It is so good!!"

Ann Hibbard
"My girls and I have fallen in love with the Regency Brides series and definitely recommend all three titles!"

Tamara Tilley
"It definitely kept my attention until the end."

Mom's Plan
"4.5 out of 5 stars."

"I always enjoy reading a romance novel that also draws on the strength of God."

Beth Erin
"This entire series is going straight to my all-time favorites shelf!"

"Do not miss out on this entire series. It is worth escaping into and reading and rereading again."

"Outstanding books!"

Blooming with Books
"A delightful book and series and one that one will want to revisit."

Amanda T.
"The story moved at a good pace."

"I highly recommend this book and the whole series!"

Singing Library
"A novel that any lover of regency stories will absolutely delight in. The characters and story come to life so that readers are sucked in to this enchanting story from page one."

Debra Gaudette

"Interesting and not predictable which is a challenge to do as a romance story."

Val Belley
"A must read."

Hanna Lei
"I ended up feeling really invested in the characters and absolutely loved their development!"

"A good clean romance book."

Daysong Reflections
"With realistic characters who are everything but perfect, the narrative highlights their personal growth in maturity and faith."

Deana Dick
"A wonderful series."

"Ms. Miller has concluded this series with a bang. Five stars, hats off and two thumbs up, this is one book you want on your wish list this holiday season!"

Beth Milinski
"It is GREAT!! I give this book 5 STARS."

"Beautifully written."

"The characters in her novels feel so real and multi-dimensional, that I sometimes forget that I am just reading a novel. I love that her writing is captivating and so very engaging."