The Body Under the Bridge

February 17, 2016

A Simply Life, Really?!
"This is a murder mystery of all murder mysteries. A very involved story perfect for a dark dreary night in."

Book Woman Joan
"I highly recommend this novel to those who like a good mystery permeated with paranormal manifestations. My rating: 5/5 stars."

"If you enjoy murder mysteries with unique main characters that you will enjoy reading about this murder, priest, and the curse that unfolds."

Amanda's View and Reviews
"There were plenty of twists and turns in this plot. This propelled the story forward.The author wrote about new things I haven't seen in print before."

Hanna Lei
"The story is a great read too and you're not going to want to put it down. If you like The Reluctant Detective or Ashes to Ashes you'll love The Body Under the Bridge."

Kissed By Literature
"Other than mysteries, I also love a good paranormal story, and this one was that too. I enjoy clean reads, and this is definitely one of them."

Live to Read to Live
"For those interested in historical mysteries and secret societies, The Body Under the Bridge will get your heart racing until the final dramatic conclusion."

Chris Jager
"An interesting read, with several twists and turns. It is a mixture of Agatha Christy and Frank Peretti."

Books, Beautiful Books
"Mr. McCusker's writing style is quite good and engaging. Almost too engaging at times! This book was hard to put down; easy to follow and captivating."

Bless Their Hearts Mom
"It is a story that keeps you guessing, while giving you interesting characters and a solid start to a new series! I can't wait to read the next book in the Father Gilbert series!"

Good Books for the Journey
"If you enjoy mystery and suspense, The Body Under the Bridge is a great read. I give it 5 stars and PG13 for content."

The Power of Words
"Paul McCusker's writing is excellent, characters are very well developed, and the plot not only entertains, but gives readers much upon which to reflect from a spiritual standpoint."

Thoughts of a Sojourner
"The book had more surprises in it than I had been anticipating, and made the book all the more enjoyable."

A Girl and Her Bible
"Overall, I think the author did a fantastic job and I can't wait for the next in the series."

By The Book
"The Body Under The Bridge is a 5-star read. Its plot, setting, and characterization are great, but the presentation of the reality of the battle waged by evil is truly excellent. This is one I would recommend to anyone."

Indoor Garden Musings
"I have never heard of Father Gilbert or the audio dramas, but I enjoyed reading this book. I liked how it involved suspense, the super natural, and the church."

Doug Hibbard
"I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s a good tale, especially for the winter when the nights are long."

Be Mi Own
"This is a well written mystery that keeps your attention. There is no setting the book down and thinking maybe you'll read it some other time. Once you start reading, you are hooked. I would give this book 5 STARS."

Berly Sue
"The twists and turns come fast and furious, and you will enjoy quite the thrill ride!! And there is much more to follow!! I HIGHLY recommend this novel!"

Tea and Inspiration
"The Body Under The Bridge by Paul McCusker is a church mystery far different from other church mysteries I've read in the past.I hope the author will continue the series."

Seasons of Opportunities
"Wow, this book was unlike anything I had expected! It was suspenseful, mysterious, intriguing and captivating, and at times plain ol' scary!"