The Bible and Me

September 13, 2016

Hanna Lei
"The illustrations go well with the stories and are well made for a variety of ages. It's a great book to have in a Sunday School classroom or at home for children to read."

"This hard covered book will become a go to book at your home for your little ones, great for little hands to bring to you to read to them. 5 stars."

Faith and Family Reviews
"Not only is the book written well so everyone can understand … but the illustrations are wonderful!"

Wall-to-Wall Books
"Loved this one! I highly recommend this Bible story book, especially for Grandmothers to do with their grandchildren."

Kissed by Literature
"I highly recommend this as an addition to any children's home library and as a great gift."

Elizabeth Carr
"A wonderful retelling. The length of each story is perfect for young readers."

Michelle Fitzgerald
"The pages are thick, so there will be less accidental tearing of pages. Loved it."

IE Mommy
"The Bible and Me has some of the best illustrations I've seen in a while that definitely captivated [my kids'] attention. It has a great selection of stories from the Bible written in terms kids can understand yet never straying from the Biblical story."

"I am thrilled to recommend this book to everyone serving children-–-family, friends, Sunday school, pre-school."

"Each story is clearly a gentle rendering of Biblical text so a child can understand and yet is not couched in such simplistic phrasing that [it] takes away from the meaning and majesty of God's Word."

Our Every Day Harvest
"I cannot say enough good things about this book. Whether you are still reading to your child or they can read on their own, [this] is a wonderful book for kids of all ages that offers a glimpse of the Lord's undying love for us."

"It's a beautiful addition to our shelves, and I thought it was very well done!"

"I believe you will find this book of Bible stories to be a treasure in your home. This book is the perfect solution for my little guy who doesn’t sit still very long. Why? He is engaged in the vivid pictures long enough for me to tell the story."

"I think this book of Bible stories is going to become a family favorite, to be passed down for generations."

"The stories are well written and engaging. The illustrations are beautifully drawn and quite captivating with their gorgeous array of colors. 5 Stars."

Tea Norman
"This is a simply and beautiful written Bible book. All information is easy to find and fun to glance over again and again"