The Beautiful Thread

June 01, 2016

Jalynn Patterson
"The author has done a terrific job in defining the characters well and details the habits of a monastery to a "T". She is very well researched and the plot line is very strong with notable characters."

"The author writes beautifully and descriptively placing the reader alongside the characters as they walk, talk, act, pray, and even fuss and fight a bit."

Jill Stanish
"You won't soon forget the beautiful threads that are woven together into the unique and beautiful tapestry of St. Alcuin's Abbey."

Kissed by Literature
"As with all the books in “the Hawk and the Dove,” THE BEAUTIFUL THREAD comes highly recommended for those who love Christian fiction set in the past."

Indoor Garden Musings
"I have enjoyed this book and the others in the series. Penelope Wilcock is a wonderful writer. I would recommend this book to others."

rbc library
"With well-researched historical details in custom, dress, and cuisine and a faithful depiction of monastic life, these books are remarkably modern in their outlook and application. Highly Recommended."

Lisa Johnson
"I really liked the idea of the beautiful thread revealed in this story. I am so looking forward to the final book in the series, A Day and a Life, to see what the monks are up to next!"

Kristin Plausky
"This author keeps impressing me! I can't help but love the realistic writing of the author, how much I felt I was in the whole book, how I cheered for characters, cursed others, and laughed at certain places."

"The element of humor is strong in this particular book. You'll be laughing at some of the situations the poor brothers become embroiled in."

Debra Gaudette
"This is a story that is told so vividly that the reader can picture it as it unfolds. I give this book a 4/5."