The Atheist Who Didn't Exist

September 09, 2015

Edge Induced Cohesion "The writer is a thoroughgoing Hellenistic Christian with a strong belief in the importance of rationality and while this book is short on a great deal of scriptural exegesis, it certainly provides a strong defense of the historicity of the Gospels on account of their genre as well as their awkward honesty, an argument that applies in general to the truth value of that which is written by people with tendencies towards awkward honesty that ought to be widely appreciated."

Book Reviews from an Avid Reader "This is a serious subject but Bannister is not overly academic. "

Panorama of a Book Saint "Readers can follow the arguments easily and to examine how the author takes apart the arguments of the new atheists point by point. " " I came away from this book really believing that Banister is a wonderful communicator and a skilled logician; but a lot of this was lost due the the unfortunate timing of witty quips."

ChristFocus Book Club "I'm doubtful that the author's brand of humor would help in explaining the point to an atheist who takes those arguments seriously. "

Wildflower Faith "...both Christians and atheists can benefit from reading this book."

Leah's Good Reads "Although the book addresses logical fallacies and gets into some pretty deep water, it's written in an easy to read and understand way."

Thomas R. Feller, Jr. "His dry, witty humor kept me engaged, helped make his point, and even encouraged me to read almost every single footnote in the book (something I normally avoid doing). "

Thoughts Prayers and Songs "I haven’t read an apologetic book this entertaining since Randal Rauser’s The Swedish Atheist, the Scuba Diver and Other Apologetics Rabbit Trails."

Hanna Marie Lei "...a few of the arguments would leave an atheist still with a lot to argue about."

Indoor Garden Musings "I recommend that no matter what you believe that you should read this book."

Found a Christian By His Grace "I recommend this book with the disclaimer that I like what RZIM is all about, and that includes Mr. Bannister's work"

Maureen's Musings "I recommend this book, you won’t be disappointed and you just might gain a wealth of information."

Blooming with Books "This book is a plea with all people to think and to ponder what they believe. "

Learning, Teaching, and Laughing "I would love to see the same rigor applied to some of the logical arguments for God that has been put onto the arguments for atheism. "

Gazoontite "You’ll find yourself at ease with this book because of the winsome humor and writing style that draw you in."

Gazoontite "You’ll find yourself at ease with this book because of the winsome humor and writing style that draw you in."