The Aleppo Code

November 25, 2015

By the book
"Brennan does an excellent job bringing all of these things together to create a fast-paced political thriller complete with terrorists, government agents and a few angels along the way."

"The Aleppo Code has a great setting, in the Middle East, and plays to it well."

Book Reviews from an Avid Reader
"This is a good novel of adventure and suspense centered around a possible scenario of the end times."

Kissed by Literature
"I loved how the team gets to go around the world searching for clues they might have missed earlier."

Indiana Pastor' Wife
"The characters in the books are well developed, and the story moves reasonably well."

Reviews from the Heart
"This is one of my favorites when it comes to what I would call Christian Antiquities and Archaeology Fiction if there was a category."

Window To My World
"This is GOOD!!!"

Thoughts of a Sojourner
"This book definitely falls into the read-in-one-sitting category."

Create With Joy
"I thought my husband would also enjoy the book and I was right."

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno
"These books are full of well-researched facts that have been interspersed with current events and a bit of imagination."

A Book A Day
". . . The Jerusalem Prophecies series is one of the best-researched series that I have read in a long time."

Blooming With Books
"An enjoyable book that needs to be read within the series structure so as to understand the references to previous events."

Awaiting the King
"There is also a relevant underlying theme of how God works things out for His purposes."

Vic's Media Room
"Terry Brennan has given us a unique thriller that will keep you on the edge of your chair as you read and flip pages as fast as possible."

Indoor Garden Musings
"I would recommend it to men and women alike."

Seeking With All Yur Heart
"I liked seeing the team’s reliance on God throughout and watching how He worked things out in the end."

Bless Their Hearts Mom
"Don't miss this series!"

"It is my personal recommendation that anyone interested in the series begins their reading with book one so as to avoid confusion."