Saints and Sailors

March 02, 2016

A Simple Life, Really?!
"Pam Rhodes has done it again. She has added another delightful tale to The Dunbridge Chronicles series. I can't wait to see what the author will do next with this series of great stories."

Vic's Media Room
"This is a fun read that you are not going to want to put down until you have finished it! It is just that good."

Maureen's Musings
"I love the descriptions of the places we traveled and some historical information, it was so interesting."

Book Woman Joan
"I think this novel may be the best yet in The Dunbridge Chronicles. It was a joy to read. I highly recommend this novel. My rating: 5/5 stars."

Indoor Garden Musings
"I liked this book. I always enjoy reading the books that Pam Rhodes writes, and I hope you enjoy them too."

Good Books for the Journey
"The author does an excellent job of developing a whole host of characters in such a way that I felt as I go to know them. This is another book in the series I can definitely recommend. I give this one 5 stars."

Lavish Bookshelf
"If you love charming characters that go on vacations together in an idyllic British parish cruise, you will love Saints and Sailors by Pam Rhodes."

"I found the book to be an interesting read."

By the Book
"Rhodes is ambitious in tackling a number of issues involving grief, shame, second chances, love and death, and in most cases handles them very well. Its wide cast of characters are engaging and fit the story."

3 Partners in Shopping
"I really liked this storyline and the characters were very interesting. This is a really great series."

Kissed by Literature
"This is a feel good book that is the perfect escape for smoothing out a long day."

Bless Their Hearts Mom
"It's a fun book, that will have you laughing and smiling, and leaving the last page with a smile at how things worked out for those facing some rough decisions.If you're looking for something for a light Spring read, this book fits the bill!"

Deal Sharing Aunt
"This book is a delight, full of compassion, humor, and Pam Rhodes's astute observations."

Seeking with all Yur Heart
"The relationships between various people unfold, making for a book I couldn’t put down.The subplots were woven together to form a nice, cohesive story and the writing was well done."

The power of words...
"Pam is an excellent writer and has created a series that I’ve come to enjoy overall. The theme of Saints and Sailors is so much fun."

Tea and Inspiration
"Without a doubt, this is a trip that can stay on your heart and mind and in your life."