Realm of Darkness

August 15, 2016

"I give this amazing book 5 easy stars, the characters are so very well developed [and] the story is so different."

Hanna Lei
"I love Dunn's character Emma and all the mystery that surrounds her her life and relationships. If you like Burning Proof or Lethal Harvest you'll love Realm of Darkness."

"I liked Realm of Darkness and am glad there's not much of a wait for the final novel, Fearful Symmetry."

Gayle Pace
"The author gives the reader strong, solid characters. You want to get to know them and can relate to what they are struggling with."

Faith and Family Reviews
"This was a very vivid book! I couldn’t put it down! This book is not short, but jam packed with an intricated web of details and characters that create a riveting story! This one is a must read!

"As the fourth book in the series, I'm pleased with the direction this one went."

Tamara Tilley
"5+ stars. The story of Matthew and Emma is captivating, intriguing, intelligent, and evocative. The Secret of the Journal series is like nothing I’ve ever read before. Each time I read an installment, I am completely consumed by it, not wanting to put it down until I have read the very last page."

Debra Gaudette
"This is a wonderful addition to this story series of books. I would recommend this book to others who like romance and mystery."

"It had all the mixings – likable characters, believable events, vivid setting, and catchy dialogue. It is an intelligent read that makes you think. I have gotten to enjoy the earlier installments, and I liked how some secrets are revealed in here, but you are kept wanting more! It is great that the sequels live up to the first book, unlike some series."

"Dunn did a wonderful job of including a lot of detail, which kept me captivated until the end."