January 13, 2016

A Girl and Her Bible
"There are plenty of external sources you can use: videos through the website or accessed by a QR code, as well as leader guides."

"I have done several studies with this author and I always adore the short free videos you can view online to go with the different sections in the study. It is a terrific way to open your heart to god's word and be ready to dive in."

Book Reviews from an Avid Reader
"This is a great eight week study reminding us of our need for community, using Paul as an example. She highlights the need for face-to-face community in this age of technology."

Create With Joy
"Philippians: Discovering Joy Through Relationship is a beautifully designed and rewarding Bible study that not only deepens your understanding of Paul and the circumstances that led to the writing of this epistle, but also a study that helps you to lead a more joyful, faith-filled life."

Edge Induced Cohesion
"The book is a thoughtful set of Bible studies that rewards deep thought and reflection on the state of relationships with God and with others, especially other believers, in the hope that such reflection may lead to bettering those relationships as best as possible."

Panorama of a Book Saint
"Well and clean, the Bible study booklet contains generous space for personal notes to be written directly into the book. The sidebars contain interesting notes, quotes, challenge prompts, and occasional commentary by Edwards herself.This is a great resource and I warmly recommend it for all groups!"

"This is a great book study, allowing you to take a deeper look at Philippians."

"The study is well thought-out and organized and goes through the book of Philippians carefully."

ChristFocus Book Club
"The free, online videos contain the author's main commentary on the verses. These short videos (7-13 minutes long) help bring together the information in the study and contain the author's main application points."

A Well-Watered Garden
"Topics pulled from the study are discerning other people, false teachers, humility, conflicts, good works versus faith, and being content despite situation."

Hanna Lei
"Join Sue Edwards on this inductive study of Philippians, where you will discover how to find and maintain beloved, organic, healthy community."

Indoor Garden Musings
"I thought the questions were thought provoking. The Digging Deeper sections were some of my favorite parts. They always gave me more to think about."

Joy of Writing
"Like other studies in the series, this Philippians study helps women dive deeply and quickly into the word through several integral components."

Journey of Sisters
"It is easy to work through, but yet she gives enough extra in depth that you might be pressed to go deeper with her extras...because you want to know more! You want the growth of the digging deeper."

Lavish Bookshelf
"As a Bible Study, this book has plenty of detail and solid grounding in the Bible. Unlike some thick Bible studies, these questions are tough enough to help ALL readers explore how Philippians can be applied to today's world. This book would be wonderful for an 8-week all-inclusive womens' Bible group study with a room of women from all walks of life, as well as Bible and educational backgrounds."

WV Stitcher
"I love that there are plenty of questions that have me thinking about what I have read, but it is really the digging deeper sections that are peppered through out the margins that really allowed me to go deeper into my study."

Vic's Media Rooms
"It is worth the time to sit and study this book and Sue Edwards has given us a marvelous tool in this study book. I recommend this book highly."

A Book A Day
"It is a valuable resource and provides a fresh way of looking at this small but interesting book of the Bible.If you are looking for a user-friendly study to aid in your study of Philippians, this is a great choice!"

Seasons of Oppurtunities
"I really have enjoyed this study. Sue will get your wheels turning and your thinking cap on, and hopefully you will emerge from the study with a better knowledge of the book of Philippians, Paul's life, and also a little more mature in your Spiritual walk."

Amanda's Pile of Books
"If you're looking for a study that will help you get into the Word of God this year and doesn't require a lot of time commitment, pick up Sue Edwards' book and give it try."

WORD up!
"Peppered with lots of additional activities and deeper thought-provoking questions, this study can be customized in intensity. As with any Bible study, you reap what you sow, and this study gives you lots of opportunities to reap. This is a wonderful study to add to Sue's growing list of teaching and a great resource for the believer who is hungry for more of Christ."

Elle in Organic Shoes
"This study is great for the individual or to complete as a group study. Edwards will not only explore the verses but also the context in which the book was written, about the author and other historical information."

Reading Through The Seasons
"The author comes across as a sweetly chirping bird, like one of those on the cover and pages who wants you to love God's word and the people in the Bible."

Books Beautiful Books
"Although the information in this book seems basic, who can say what God will teach through it! I also thought the side notes were helpful and interesting."

Window to my World
"Sue Edwards has created a powerful, in-depth study of this book of the Bible. Edwards offers many other notes, quotes and deeper reference to all of Scripture to make sure full understanding is available to everyone who goes through this study."

"If you are looking for a bible study that emphasizes gospel community and unity that is inspired by the good news of Jesus Christ, then this might be your ticket to relational joy."