Oswald Return of the King

August 31, 2015

Hanna Marie Lei "This one has so much drama it's a bit of a roller coaster, but not in the whole crazy significant other sort of way, more like an enjoy the show sort of way, although getting connected to the characters is very easy."

Leah's Good Reads "The author has the unique ability to clearly communicate the events and settings of the time in a way that is truly interesting."

Tell Me a Story, Raggedy Man "Fans of world-building fantasy will enjoy this book, as will fans of medieval history novels."

Books, Beautiful Books "Rarely have I seen historical accounts so well fancied and wrought out! The author is superb; his works worth the read!"

Live to Read to Live "This book beautifully captures the very real struggle between the forces of good and evil."

Kissed by Literature "This is definitely a book not to miss."

Vic's Media Room "Mr. Albert has taken what is for me a little known piece of history and brought it to life."

A Well-Watered Garden "The vivid descriptions of the scenery, weather, and environment brought the story to life."

Indoor Garden Musings "If around a 100 pages were eliminated, I think the book would have been a perfect length."

Learning, Teaching, and Laughing "Overall, this story doesn’t make a family-friendly movie, but it is a fascinating piece of history."

Blooming with Books "I believe fans of Tolkien's works will be delighted in this series from Edoardo Albert."

3 Partners in Shopping " I Liked the characters and how the author described them to the reader."

Footprints in the Butter "This is a great series."