My Toddler Bible

May 16, 2016

"An ideal little book for toddlers and one that they will fall in love with and ask repeatedly for "Bible Time.""

Hannah Lei
"My Toddler Bible is perfect for young children at home as well as in the church nursery or young Sunday school classrooms."

"It is in big bold print, with beautiful colors and well-drawn illustrations depicting the truths that we want to teach our children."

"This wonderful collection of short Bible stories is a great way to begin teaching the scriptures."

Jalynn Patterson
"Amazing illustrations that brighten each word as you turn each page."

"If you have young children in your life and are looking for a way to introduce Bible Stories and the Word of God to them, then I highly recommend giving them the My Toddler Bible."

Indoor Garden Musings
"This book would be perfect for any toddler, since there are so many stories and illustrations to look at."

Wall-to-Wall Books
"I really liked this book a lot! It is a very nice hard cover book with glossy pages."

The IE Mommy
"This is probably the most comprehensive toddler Bible I've ever seen. My Toddler Bible is actually a Bible with a lot of thought put into it for this age group!"

Faith and Family Reviews
"We love this toddler Bible it is very engaging and colorful! I love that my older children can easily read to the young ones."

"One of the nice things about My Toddler Bible is that it is divided into the Old and New Testaments which is sure to aid parents in teaching children about the covenantal nature of salvation history."

Kissed by Literature
"I can see this appealing to any child. It would make a perfect addition to bedtime or a Sunday school classroom. MY TODDLER BIBLE is highly recommended. "

Susan Braun
"Sturdy for little hands, I think that My Toddler Bible would make a wonderful baby shower gift, or gift for a new baby."

"The story are retold in a simple manner that is perfect for young children learning the stories for the first time."

A Girl and Her Bible
"These stories are just short enough and colorful enough to keep the attention span of a toddler, which is about the span of a gnat's."

Brenda C.
"With My Toddler Bible the illustrations are over the top great!"

"I would highly recommend this. I absolutely love it. I give this book a 5/5."