My Dearest Dietrich

July 19, 2019

Cover Lover Book Review
"Beautiful, profound writing with a commanding and tender opening. Their unique relationship is revealed through his Nazi-era letters, and is bold, tragic, beautiful, and transforming."

"5 stars. Be sure to keep tissues handy."

"It was lovely and tragic all at once... and I adored it."

Carissa M.
"I would recommend that everyone read this. It's truly worth it and I normally don't read fiction books about war."

Susan B.
"Well written."

Leslie S.
"Heart-wrenching. This book is highly recommended and due to its subject matter would appeal to a larger audience than most traditional "Christian romance.""

Renee Ann S.
"I've already started giving hard copies of this book as gifts. Can't wait to share this story with my students!"

Pegg T.
"This book did not disappoint. Barratt did a great job of putting the flesh on these historical figures."

"5 stars."

Suzie W.
"A couple days after finishing this book, I am still wrecked. Amanda Barratt's immaculate research and stunning prose puts skin on this man, this paragon of faith. Seriously, how can an author write such a beautifully moving novel at twenty-three?"

"This was a great piece of historical fiction!"

Katie D.
"Wow. Where do I start? This book is beautifully written, impeccably researched, and as inspirational as it is heartbreaking. I cannot recommend this novel highly enough."

"...outstanding and so hard to put down."

Andi T.
"I do not have adequate words to do this book justice. It is beautiful, haunting, and reads like a love song with poetic prose. This is one story that I will not forget anytime soon."