Miss Serena's Secret

July 16, 2018

Carrie Schmidt
"A smart, layered and delightfully-rendered story."

Godly Book Reviews
"A charming storyline with familiar friends from Carolyn Miller's previous books. I highly recommend this series."

Penless Reviews
"A clean romance, full of hope for both Serena and Henry's futures!"

Megan Scott
"A lovely tale of healing, redemption, forgiveness and faith! Regency and romance readers won't want to miss Carolyn Miller's newest book!"

Suzie W
"An immersive experience."

"A beautiful romance and a story of what happens when we trust God and allow Him to transform our life. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it! I give it 5 out of 5 stars."

Kelly Roth
"Miller is a genius of Christian character arcs. This was really an excellent book."

Cathy M.
"Clean in both content and language. 5 stars."

Carol R. Gehringer
"Witty banter, first-rate characterization, historical narrative, reappearance of characters from earlier books, and a light but evident faith element characterizes Miller's books."

Renee McMichael
"Engaging and filled with a charming, well written story...This book was a great read!"

"I truly believe this is Carolyn Miller's best so far and am very excited to see what she is bringing next."

Reviewer 306127
"Great writing endearing characters. 5 out of 5 stars."

"This second novel in Miller's new series even further cements her place among those Regency writers such as Julie Klassen and Sarah Ladd. I am a forever fan."

Diane Estrella
"Her best yet. The verbal banter was outstanding."

"As a long time Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer fan, I find these books are worthy of reading with sweetness, great characters and gentle humor."

"Intensely satisfying."

Crystal Smith
"A beautiful romance with a love that grows deeper with every page turned!"

"Another don't miss book in this series, and you will chuckle, want to cry, and cringe at some of the happenings here, and don't miss the epilogue, wow!"

"Miller perfectly renders a sigh-worthy romance reminiscent of Jane Austen and other period authors."

Melissa Finnegan
"I think this one has been my favorite yet, and I have read all of her books."

"I loved this book! It's romantic, entertaining, and challenging--a wonderful read!"

Charlotte Dance
"Great characters and gentle humor. 5 stars."

Anne Payne
"Sharp wit, dramatic undertones, and romance equal a lovely Regency rendering in Miss Serena's Secret.

Romances of the Cross
"I love her [Miller's] rich plots full of historical detail, witty dialogue and treatment of flawed, yet sympathetic characters. Plus, the faith elements are woven seamlessly into the story without appearing too preachy."

"A charming storyline."

Kristine E. Morgan
"Miller is a wonderful storyteller who creates fascinating tales of romance and history."

Gina R.
"A well written, beautifully descriptive story of God's mercies."

"Great writing, endearing characters. 5 stars."