Lucifer's Harvest

December 16, 2016

Gayle Pace
"The author describes the smells, the characters, the surroundings with such vivid detail that you can picture yourself in this Medieval setting. 4 STARS."

Lisa Johnson
"I love Hugh's wit and tenacity in his search for the culprit."

"I thoroughly enjoyed Lucifer's Harvest and look forward to finding and reading more of the Hugh de Singleton mysteries."

"It is not necessary to read the previous 9 books of the series to enjoy Lucifer's Harvest, but I definitely recommend beginning from the beginning of this series. All the books get a recommended rating from me."

Narita Roady
"Another great book Mr. Starr!"

"I have read several in the Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon and found each to be entertaining, enlightening as to the historical aspects, and refreshing."

"Overall it was an enjoyable read like usual."

"As always, Starr does a great job of describing medieval methods of doctoring and solving crimes. I enjoyed the book a lot, and did find myself wishing it was longer."

Blooming with Books
"5 of 5 stars"

"While I always love Mel Starr's novels, I think Lucifer's Harvest is one of my favorites. It's humorous, engaging, and oh so enjoyable. 5 stars."

Indoor Garden Musings
"An excellent book and series. Readers who enjoy mysteries and/or historical fiction will enjoy this book."

Katie Roets
"My recommendation? Pick up this book or the entire series!"

Jill Stanish
"A great read during the winter holidays and would make an especially great gift for any mystery enthusiast!"

"It was enjoyable enough that I wanted to keep coming back to the medieval times."

"If you love a well-told murder mystery –- medieval style -– you will adore this entire series just as I do! Once again, I HIGHLY recommend Mel Starr's novels!"

Diane Estrella
"This book is the shortest in length of the series but still packed a punch. Well-crafted."