Local Poet

May 02, 2017

Write Read Life
"A phenomenal book."

Joan Nienhuis
"I recommend this mystery to those who enjoy a mystery with a twist. There is good character development, a good mystery, and some intense suspense as well."

Reviews from the Heart
"If you love murder mysteries, then this is the book and series for you."

"5 out of 5 stars."

"Interesting, and it kept me in suspense and wanting to keep reading."

Hanna Lei
"A whole lot of fun to read."

Lisa Johnson
"The author does a great job of twists, turns and suspense with the ending being heart-stopping! 5 out of 5 stars."

Jill Stanish
"A great choice for a quick read for a day at the beach or an airplane flight."

Gayle Pace
"A well written mystery."

"An excellent book for a person who is not a big reader."

"A quick and interesting read with an ending that totally kept me on the edge of my seat."

"Oh so good! What a great storyline."

Blooming with Books
"If you are looking for an intense climatic reading experience you need to read this book."

"Packed with intrigue and mystery."

"I enjoyed the book and would recommend it."

Boos Mum
"A very intriguing read. A very smartly written mystery and suspense novel."

Katherine Scott Jones
"I can make this review as short and sweet as the book itself: A winner. Cleverly executed from start to finish."

"A spellbinding book. I recommend it!"

"Thrilling and captivating."

Heather Day Gilbert
"4.5 stars."

"A very complex story, with very believable characters, and I am happy to recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery!"