Liar's Winter

September 26, 2017

Lane Hill House
"Vividly written."

Jordan Mierek
"Such an intense book! I highly recommend it if you are looking for historical Christian fiction with nonstop action."

Tamra Tilley
"4 out of 5 stars."

Joan Nienhuis
"I recommend this novel to those who would enjoy a journey into the Appalachian past. You'll be immersed in the culture of the time."

Carole Jarvis
"A powerful story written by an equally powerful storyteller. Cindy K. Sproles writes with a fresh voice in Christian fiction and spins a mesmerizing, character-driven tale as hauntingly beautiful as its Smoky Mountain setting."

"A powerful book that will grip your heart and your emotions."

Shantalle Hannu
"Intriguing, heart wrenching, and very much an adventure of mystery, danger, and drama."

Deana Dick
"This book is one you can't put down and will stay with you forever."

Leah Courtney
"I loved Liar's Winter every bit as much as I loved Mercy's Rain. I give it five strong stars."

"5 Stars."

Jalynn Patterson
"WOW! This book is packed to the hilt with action."

Baker Kella
"I loved Cindy's style of writing. It completely captivates and is incredibly refreshing."

"Don't miss this one; it will linger with you for a long time."

Hanna Lei
"Cindy Sproles didn't disappoint with a setting that's absolutely amazing and places you directly into the mountain world."

Gayle Payce
"I would give this book 5 STARS."

"This book is full of action and kept me wanting to read. Four stars."

Narita Roady
"An incredible story of forgiveness and love. Suspense and surprise do not even begin to describe this novel. You will not be able to put it down! If you only read one fiction book this year, this is the one!"

"I loved everything about it, the setting, the characters, the storyline...amazing."

Sally M.
"An engrossing read."

Chris Jager
"You will not want to put it down."

Anna Hibbard
"Liar's Winter captivated me from page one. This is a book I want to read and reread, share with friends and my children, discuss, and explore."

"This book is SO RICH!!! I can't recommend it highly enough!!"

"I found it unique in its setting and authenticity in the characters."

"I was instantly hooked."

"I found myself with my heart beating during some of the plot twists."

Katherine Scott Jones
"A powerful story, practically vibrating with energy. If you like novels with an original narrative voice and a strong theme of biblical justice- such as those by Susie Finkbeiner and Rachel Keener- then this one might be for you."

Sydney Anderson
"A beautifully written and inspiring read."

Beth Milinski
"I cannot wait to read more from Cindy Sproles, definitely on my must read author list!! I give this book 5 STARS."