Ishtar's Odyssey

November 23, 2015

Seasons of Opportunities
"Don't miss this fun way to share the true meaning of Christmas with your children.!"

Joy of Writing
"I would definitely recommend Ishtar’s Odyssey as a family Advent resource."

ElCloud Homeschool
"These devotions walk our family through the meaning of Christmas, and our own personal need for a Savior."

In the Pages
"I highly recommend these books - they are historically accurate and pleasing for the whole family."

Footprints in the Butter
"This is a wonderful Advent tradition."

Footprints in the Butter
"This is a wonderful Advent tradition."

"It's a great story book children will love with a meaning behind it without being quite as obvious."

Four Seasons With Friends
"It's wonderful to read about a different culture like the Persian one."

Thoughts, Prayers & Songs
"If your kids like stories, this is an interesting and engaging way to help them enter into Advent more fully."

Mozi Esme
"Ytreeide’s advent books have become a staple of our Christmas season, and this one does not disappoint."

Window To My World
"The food was particularly fascinating!"

A Girl and Her Bible
" . . . I can't wait till Advent starts this year to start this story with my girls."

Good Books for the Journey
"It's a well-written story that I'm looking forward to sharing with my family."

The Berry Patch
"My boys love these books."

The McClanahan 7
"This is a great book to help your children experience the Advent season and learn more about the Persians and their way of life."

Morning Glories and Moonflowers
"I truly appreciate how the author has written a wonderful story that continues each night of advent, as well as all the extras to round out this joyous event of the birth of our Lord, Jesus."

Thoughts of a Sojourner
"Although the book is geared for kids, I enjoyed reading through the story and seeing the suggestions how to observe Advent while using the book."

Blooming with Books
"Even if one doesn't have children this is an interesting and educational read that will help one to understand the culture into which the Messiah was born."

Indoor Garden Musings
"I liked how each day ended as a cliffhanger."

"I love that there are now four books so that families can rotate through the various titles from one year to the next."

A Path of Joy
"5 Stars!"

It's Just Me: Sarah
"I enjoyed experiencing the story myself, so I definitely look forward to sharing Ishtar’s Odyssey with my family this Christmas!"

"I found the book to be wonderfully done and an educational way to discuss Advent while doing family devotional time."

Vic's Media Room
"I think this is an excellent resource and great fun to read."

Marc Cardaronella
"Ishtar learns to put others before himself and honor the beauty in others."

Espressos of Faith
"Arnold Ytreeide does a fantastic job with his research of culture, historical context, time period, dress, foods, customs, and even language."
"Ishtar's Odyssey is a book which is well worth reading."

Royal Little Lambs
"We collect all the Ytreeide books and this is a welcome addition to our Advent collection."