God Made the World

September 19, 2017

April Erwin
"A simple and sweet book designed to introduce the youngest of children to God's creation. It would make a sweet baby gift."

Michelle F.
"The book comes enclosed with plastic to keep it nice and clean. I am very impressed with the colorful illustrations."

"Well made and high quality to satisfy the little inquiring minds exploring the pages."

"5+ Stars!!! So soft and squishy. I love it!"

"Lovely softness and soft colors. The fabric has a almost silky feel to it."

Amanda T.
"If you're looking for a fun little gift for a baby, pick up this great cloth book."

Maureen Timerman
"Perfect for the little one. Machine washable."

Tammy G.
"A sweet book for babies and toddlers."

"A neat book."

William Hemsworth
"It will help instill the love that God has for the child at an early age."

"Perfect for the little babes in your life."

"The colours will capture your little ones attention. The drawings are simple yet adorable. The pages are made of cloth so they won't rip as your child pulls or chews on each page."

Hanna Lei
"A great book for at home and especially church nurseries."

A.M. Heath
"5 stars. The message inside is short, sweet, and timeless."

"A colorful, soft cloth book filled with cute pictures that has the added feature of crinkly noise. Recommended."

Aimee S.
"What a cute little book!"

Veronica Sternberg
"A very cute book with adorable illustrations and fun colors! This would make a great gift!"

Susan Braun
"Looking for a cute baby gift or baby shower gift? How about a copy of God Made the World?"

Blooming with Books
"A perfect gift for parents-to-be."

Anne Campbell
"Sturdy and will provide sensory input for baby."

"Young children will enjoy this book. I recommend it."