Direct Hit

August 06, 2015

Wise Like Solomon "The author has obviously done his research well with a great attention to detail that brings both the characters and the environment alive."

Veronica's 'Views "It was fascinating to imagine what it would have been like living in London when the Blitz was going on."

Projecting A "If you enjoy this era and style of novel, then this is most definitely for you."

Indiana Pastor's Wife "Hollow takes the reader right into that world and does a nice job of moving along a murder mystery while also keeping the historical setting intact."

Thoughts of a Sojourner "This was a new author for me, but I really enjoyed the book."

Vic's Media Room "History and mystery are a perfect combination to really get the blood going."

Indoor Garden Musings "I enjoyed meeting Detective Inspector John Jago and the other people in this book."

Daysong Reflections "I was uncertain what to expect when I agreed to review “Direct Hit” but what I got was a very readable and enjoyable detective mystery."

By the Book "I have just found another favorite mystery author!"

Chat With Vera "The way the story is written, characters drawn and fleshed out, and the setting of London during the Blitz all lend authenticity and readability to Direct Hit."

Kissed by Literature "Each character had a strong personality, even the minor players."

Learning, Teaching, Laughing "All in all, this is one that is worth reading."

Live to Read to Live "The book's pace is slow and methodical but perfect for anyone who enjoys a cerebral, historical mystery."

A Dusty Frame "The bits and pieces of historic London were very interesting as well."

Seeking with all Yur Heart "I’m a fan of British mysteries and this is one I definitely recommend."

I Hope You Dance "The setting is good and the mysterious storyline is there but the way it's written doesn't keep the reader engaged in my opinion."

A Well-Watered Garden "I loved the personality of John Jago."

Tammy's Book Parlor "Love this dynamic duo!"

Connywithay "Although tedious with the characters and their problems flowing in and out of the chapters sporadically, the storyline shows the nostalgic air of running into a bomb shelter at every siren wail while uncovering the truth."

Book Reviews from an Avid Reader "I recommend this novel to those who like British historical mysteries."

ElCloud Homeschool "I highly recommend Direct Hit and will be looking forward to the rest of The Blitz Detective series."

Leah's Good Reads "I certainly stayed interested and involved throughout the story."