Deeds of Darkness

November 01, 2017

Tammy G.
"This is probably my favorite of Hugh's adventures. Well written!"

Gayle Pace
"The author gives the reader some good solid characters, well researched history, a mystery and all together it is an interesting story."

Ann B. Hibbard
"An excellent read. The plot is absorbing and holds together well, while the twists and turns keep the readers anticipating until the very end."

Lisa Johnson
"4 out of 5 stars."

Hanna Lei
"The novel was absolutely great and Mel Starr left me wanting more!"

"Intelligent, intriguing, and just plain fun, Deeds of Darkness is a recommended read."

Diane Estrella
"The author has his own specific style and has perfected it. Why mess with a proven, winning formula of writing, when it is clearly perfection, I ask you??!?"

"I remain a HUGE fan of this series, and I look forward to each new adventure."

"Mel Starr does not disappoint."

Blooming with Books
"A truly captivating mystery."

Nicole Henke
"A great tenth book for the series, and I highly recommend them for the history mystery lover!"

Leah Courtney
"I loved Deeds of Darkness. Five stars.

"Historical mysteries just don't get better than this! Starr has created an authentic feel to the story such that I felt like I was truly immersed in the time period and watching the drama unfold through Hugh's eyes."

"I cannot get enough of Mel Starr's books!!! I have all his books and each one is a keeper!"

Cross Romance
"Overall though, I am glad that this series is continuing [...] it's pretty much the reading highlight of my Autumn each year."

"4 stars."

"I enjoyed this book as much as I did the previous 10 books, and look forward to reading the 11th book."