Death in the Shadows

January 04, 2017

Gayle Pace
"A well written story of a dark web of mystery."

Tamara Tilley
"There were definite twists and turns as you found out how the lives of those in Englesea intersected."

Joan Nienhuis
"I'll be looking for the next in the series, expecting another thought provoking mystery."

"I can highly recommend [it] as a good read. Twists and turns kept me reading and made this a hard one to put down."

"Entertaining and suspenseful. McCusker managed to pull it off without getting graphic or writing anything that could be problematic for the reader."

"A really good story. 4/5."

"Well written. There was a lot of detail, and the characters were well developed."

"Like the first book, this is expertly written and you will find yourself not only lost in the mystery, but consumed by the characters and setting as well."

Nicole Henke
"While the first book urged self change, this one urges societal change, but in a very subtle way, that will have the reader entranced."

"The mystery unfolds slowly, yet this book is not one to be put down easily."

"I could hardly bear to put the book down and at just under 300 pages it was a fairly quick, and riveting, read. Death In The Shadows and its predecessor are definite MUST reads!"

Hanna Lei
"The story is great from beginning to end and I love all the twists and turns."

"Highly satisfying!! If you like a murder mystery that is solved with good old fashioned sleuthing, you will truly enjoy this novel!!"

"A honest look at some tough topics. The author treats each issue with dignity and grace, giving enough detail to convey the ugliness of the situation without crossing into vulgarity."