Day of Atonement

July 20, 2015

Melinda V. Inman "After reading this you’ll view the Intertestamental Period with greater understanding, you’ll have a better grasp of what desecration of the Temple truly means, and your mind will be filled with courageous, living characters who keep you awake at night."

Mrs. C's Book Reviews "If you are a fan of history as I, you will devour this novel."

A Cup of Tea, a Friend and a Book "Day of Atonement by David A. deSilva brings alive a time of brutal revolution."

By the Book "Interesting and little known events combine with eternal truths to create a novel for those who like to be challenged by their fiction."

Leah's Good Reads "Written by a historian and expert on the time period, the novel does have interesting insight into the political and religious influence of the day."

Connywithay "Questioning if God has rejected His people, each Jew must decide his or her loyalty to His covenant as Greek soldiers plan to overtake the city."

Book Reviews from an Avid Reader "Readers will gather much about the historical events of the time."

Proverbial Reads "This is a book rich in historical detail, and includes many people mentioned in ancient sources."

Tell Me a Story, Raggedy Man "The author, a seminary professor of New Testament and Greek, makes the drama come alive with vivid portrayals of historical figures."

Footprints in the Butter "This book totally has me wanting to learn more about the Maccabean Revolt."

Seeking with all Yur Heart "5 out of 5 stars!"

Indoor Garden Musings "I would recommend Day of Atonement to anyone who wishes to learn about the Maccabean Revolt and read a good novel."

Awaiting the King "David deSilva has done an excellent job of fictionalizing many of the historical forerunners in a well researched look at the tensions between the Torah-abiding Jewish community and ever expanding Hellenistic world."

Thoughts of a Sojourner "Using some historical facts, he weaves a fascinating story with interesting characters that is hard to put down."

Book by Book " Rich in historical detail, this well-paced novel delves into the complicated circumstances surrounding Maccabean Revolt."

Blooming with Books "Day of Atonement is a lesson in both history and human nature."

Thoughts, Prayers & Songs " If you enjoy historical novels you will likely appreciate the care that DeSilva takes in presenting these events."

Indiana Pastor's Wife "DeSilva does a nice job of showing the complexities of the time."

Vic's Media Room "Day Of Atonement” is filled with tension and many twist and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat."

LyonsLady "One good thing about this book is in the amount of information it contains concerning the tumultuous time between the Old and New Testaments, leading up to the Maccabean Revolt."