Cup of Dust

November 23, 2015

A Book A Day
"This story unfolds little by little in a perfectly paced way."

Godly Book Reviews
"I highly recommend this book, it was hard to put down."

The Old Crow's Empty Nest
"So vivid are the descriptions of life in this Oklahoma town that I could feel the discouragement and desperation of the characters."

Faith and Family Reviews
"I always love Historical fiction especially when it resonates on a spiritual level!"

Good Books for the Journey
"I've come away from A Cup of Dust with a newfound interest in this time period of history."

"This strong female lead book is fun to read, with great drama and an interesting plot."

"I found it interesting how well Beanie was portrayed..."

Maureen's Musings
"A great reminder of how lucky we are, even with all of the trials that are happening in our world, no one would want to live the way these poor people were forced to do."

"More of a mystery novel than a historical one of the Dust Bowl days, the book conveys how love conquers all fears when dealing with the truth."

Seeking with all Yur Heart
"I hope you make time to read about this fictional family and are reminded of the historical event of the Dust Bowl looking into what else occurred to towns and people."

Tamara Tilley
"A good story, a meaningful story, but not a story for those looking only for light reading."

Book Reviews from an Avid Reader
"The end of the story is left open and I hope there is a sequel."

Girls in White Dresses
"It’s evident that the author has done her research on the era."

Live to Read to Live
"Readers will gain a fresh understanding and admiration for those who survived this bleak period in American history."

By the Book
"I was completely pulled into Pearl’s story, feeling the anxiety of a world so different from her daydreams and fairy tale stories."

IE Mommy
"A Cup of Dust was a pleasant surprise and the best read of this year for me so far."

3 Partners in Shopping
"I sat on the end of my seat while I read it and I was unable to stop until I got to the end of Pearl's story."

Thoughts from Mill Street
"Finkbeiner has used her lifelong fascination with the Dust Bowl to write a strong novel."

Kissed by Literature
"All of these characters are ones that will stick with you."

Wall-to-Wall Books
"The character development was great."

A Path of Joy
"Well worth the reading!"

Books, Beautiful Books
"From start to finish, author Susie Finkbeiner presents a work which will touch your heart."

A Girl and Her Bible
"I really think this book could become a modern day classic in our schools."

Vic's Media Room
"Not only will this book keep you flipping pages as fast as you can read them it will also have you asking all kinds of questions."

WV Stitcher
"This story is told with such clarity that it was easy to imagine being there."

Book By Book
"From the start, I was captivated by Finkbeiner’s novel and couldn’t put it down."

Lane Hill House
"A somber story of a harrowing time in history during the Great Depression."

Deco My Heart
"It grabbed my heart and held on to the end, the detail is fierce, the characters are incredible and the writing style is superb."

Reviews from the Heart
"I would rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion."

Bookmarks and Coffee Mugs
"The characters in this novel were so believable."

Window to my World
"The love that holds the Spence family together is palpable and real."

To Everything there is a Season
"The point of view from Pearl is unique but at the same time I feel like things didn't flow as good through the story line."

Indoor Garden Musings
"Susie Finkbeiner did an excellent job with the description of the town and era."