Critical Conversations

March 30, 2016

Intelmin Apologetics
"In my humble opinion, this is a must read for all Christian parents."

Harold Says
"Critical Conversations is a most helpful Biblically Based and Christ centered book providing much needed information about the issue of homosexuality from a Biblical perspective."

M Taylor
"The author addresses these issues in a biblical and sensitive way."

Book Reviews from an Avid Reader
"This is an essential book for Christian parents. I highly recommend this book to Christian parents who want to help their teens affirm biblical truths in a culture that may be opposing those very truths. 5/5 stars."

Edge Induced Cohesion
"As I know a lot of teens and a lot of parents of teens, this is a book I would highly recommend to them."

Ben Birdsong
"In the middle of a topic where many new books are being written, Critical Conversations stands as a readable and very helpful resource for parents and youth pastors."

Steve Hinkle
"I believe that this guide for parents was written from a heart of love and offers a world of well-thought through wisdom and advice. Well done Tom!"

Indoor Garden Musings
"I thought this was a well written book. I highly recommend this book to parents."

Think Theology
"Critical Conversations is, I think, generally a very helpful book for parents to read. At a time when practical resources are needed in order for parents to really dig deep into the challenges facing our kids, this is a great start."

Solid-State Apologetics
"Tom Gilson lays out the challenges our teens face without creating straw man arguments and shows us, through the biblical texts, the best way forward."

Thoughts of a Sojourner
"I highly recommend this to people whose children are in public school especially, but also to all parents or anyone wanting to understand this issue and how to respond to it better."

A Book a Day
"This book gives readers solid information based on biblical principles. It is a must-read for anyone living in the American society today."

"I cannot recommend this book enough for parents, teens, and people who teach, coach or influence young people."