Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus

December 01, 2016

"I thought that the book was a good size for a gift book."

"A forty-day walk with Jesus, beautifully illustrated and ready to share with your family."

Our Everyday Harvest
"Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus is a wonderful way for children to get a glimpse at who Jesus really is. The stories are easy to follow along to, an the beautiful illustration will also help keep them engaged."

Vera Godly
"Such a treasure of a little book. While varied versions of the Bible are used for the Scripture text, the meat of the story is present."

"I honestly really like the desk calendar format. Both would make a wonderful gift this holiday season or pretty much an time of the year!"

Blooming with Books
"This would be a delightful gift to a young or expecting family."

Tea Norman
"The Day by Day Bible by Juliet David comes in the form of a book and a calendar. Both books are beautiful. Especially nice is the stand up calendar. These materials are a fun way to get a child involved with loving Bible stories and learning about the people in the Bible. There are questions in the small book's margins also."

Hanna Lei
"Even though the stories are condensed they contain the most important details of each story."

"Great illustrations that children will love. I personally love using these with my grandchildren and teaching Sunday School."

"A beautiful retelling of the life of Jesus that you and your child will love to share together to grow in faith and love. It would make a beautiful gift this holiday season."

"5 stars! A nice size book with a sturdy hard cover. The stories simple enough, the words easiest enough for young children."

Boo's Mum
"This is a compact book that brings the story of Jesus's birth, life, death, and resurrection into understandable snippets for even very young children."

"Nice companions for young readers to discover more about the stories of the Bible....geared toward primary age children and feature colorful illustrations and short blocks of text."

"I only have good things to say about this book. It will remain a keeper in my family."

"I enjoyed reading the text and looking at the illustrations in this book. I think the young children in your life would like it too."

"I really liked it, and would consider it a very nice gift along with the Candle Day by Day Bible."

Kristin Plausky
"This is a very small (6"x6") book, perfect for little hands. The illustrations are a great combination of realistic and whimsical, with not too bright colors."

"Each day has a key verse, a one-page story, and illustration, and a reflection question or statement. The stories are well told."

"I really love the illustrations and think they are beautiful!"

Debra Gaudette
"The beautiful book is wonderfully illustrated and tells the story of Jesus in language they can understand. I absolutely loved it. I give this book a 5/5."

Faith and Family Reviews
"We liked that it was in a day by day format...this gives to easy meditation on the context of the daily material. This is surely one not to miss out on!"

"It's the perfect balance of pictures and words to tell the complete story."