Bible Dominoes

June 03, 2015

Here is what our readers had to say:

3 Partners in Shopping "We have played this a couple of times and everyone loved the illustrations and how easy they are to understand."

Kissed by Literature " I played this with my family, and my 70-year-old uncle loved them."

The Happy Homeschool Mom "It also does not take a very long time to play which is great for those with short attention spans."

Indoor Garden Musings "Children will learn a lot from the fun illustrations."

LyonsLady "Even in the electronic age I believe all children would love to play with these AWESOME dominoes!!!"

Whispering the Word "The game claims to help develop counting and matching skills with these numbered Bible dominoes and it met that expectation with flying colors!"

Vic's Media Room "A useful resource for home, school, or Sunday school."

Amanda's Pile of Books "So, if you're looking for a fun new game for your little one, pick up Bible Dominoes!"

WV Stitcher "What a great way to spend quality time together."

Deal Sharing Aunt "These are great because children can learn about God in a fun way."

Hope Blooms "All in all they are good quality and a great way to start conversations with your youngsters! Total thumbs up!"

Indiana Pastor's Wife "In general, the game is basically ok."

Footprints in the Butter "This game is cute, and a great introduction to Dominoes for PreK."

Awaiting the King "The cards are also big enough and sturdy enough not to be easily bent or broken by toddlers."

ElCloud Homeschool "We're loving the Bible Dominoes at our house!"

growingforchrist "I highly recommend these for a family with young children and need a heavy duty game that they can play."

Christian Arts Connection "Overall, for a product that sells for under $10 at most places, it impressed me as a good investment."

Allergy Kid Mom's Book Reviews "This Bible Dominoes game is great for younger children."

Blooming with Books "This would also be a perfect gift to have on hand for a sleep-over when you know games are a must."

Happy Little Homemaker "I’m kind of bummed all my Godchildren are older because these are great."

My McBooks "Overall, kids between the ages of 3 and 7 will find it fun to play with and learn as well."

Bluerose's Heart "Although this game comes with a little "Bible Story Booklet", there's really not much Bible learning happening with it."

Books, Beautiful Books " These fun and cheerful-toned Bible dominoes are the perfect plaything for young children!"

JoJo's Corner "We are planning to get more and give away as Christmas presents."

Window To My World "Parents and teachers will love playing this game with the children in their lives! "

Central Minnesota Mom "The imagery used is cute and colorful."

Read to Live to Read "This game was tried out by my 12, 10 and 8 year olds and they all enjoyed it."

Thoughts, Prayers, & Songs "I give it four stars and happily recommend this, though I am not prepared to offer a serious comparison with the godless dominoes."

Wall-to-Wall Books "They are pretty to look at and fun."

Dots and Daisies "Overall, I thing it is a very nice game that little kids would enjoy, but as a homeschool mom I would of loved to see a more educational curve to this."

A Peek At My Bookshelf "Here's something fun, just in time for summer!"

MommySecrets "My daughter has been asking for several days to play them again."

Hanna Lei Blog "I personally love the artwork and testing them out with my mother's Sunday School class I wasn't the only one."

Living (the best of) Life in My Dreams "Overall, these dominoes are a fun option for kids."

Maureen's Musings "Your young ones are in for a real treat with these brightly colored dominoes. "

Chat With Vera "Sweet, simple game for young children. I recommend!"

Little Homeschool on the Prairie "What a fun hands on approach to tell kids about Jesus while playing a game is just the icing on the cake."

Learning Table Reviews "Even without the stories, however, Bible Dominoes is a cute set and provides Bible enrichment by exposing kids to the familiar people and events from the Bible with hands-on learning."

Tammy's Book Parlor "I think even families would enjoy playing together with their younger children."

A Book A Day "The pictures on the dominoes do appear in the stories, but there isn’t a strong connection."

Our Perfectly Imperfect Life "The recommended ages are 3 to 7, but my 11 yr old and I even enjoyed playing with my younger two children(ages 3 & 5)."