Andi Under the Big Top

April 11, 2017

"Good life lessons here, and a perfect read for ages 7 to 10, they will soon be clamoring for more."

"Simply, but elegantly written."

"I recommend this to kids starting out with chapter books that enjoy stories with animals and have some history to them."

"Regardless of whether you homeschool, these books offer valuable, character building entertainment for kids in the early grades."

Jill Stanish
"Readers will enjoy the excitement of the big top and being a part of Andi's adventures."

Blooming with Books
"Before the reader starts the story there are a couple pages of new words that the reader may be unfamiliar with along with a brief description. After the story ends a brief historical summary about circuses is given."

"They are well-written stories with fun characters that teach valuable lessons. These would be a nice addition to your home, church, or school library."

Julie J.
"I would highly recommend this book to young readers as it will give them a great story with historical perspective."

"These books are excellent for young girls. I'm sure that they will become classics for this generation and those to come."

"The covers themselves are catchy, the text very readable."

Marjo B
"The story had me quite interested and of course young readers will love it even more!"

Kristin Plausky
"This book is a great read for children in middle elementary school (my 8 year old loves it!) with a gentle undertone of Christian historical fiction."

Sydney Anderson
"5 stars. An excellent read for children that enjoy historical fiction and stories with strong family and animal relationships."

"A good early chapter book for boys and girls who love wholesome stories and a touch of adventure."

Aimee S.
"Once again Susan has written a book with great characters, life lessons, and family values."