Andi Saddles Up

April 11, 2017

"Sure to make your child smile, and think back to a different time in this country."

"Her writing is pure pleasure.Highly recommended! I'm passing this book on to a friend's daughter. I can see myself buying more copies of this to give as gifts in the future."

"Everything about this is great for kids starting out, the writing is quick and concise, the story has a bit of mystery and adventure, and it is just the right length to give them a sense of accomplishment without seeming overwhelming."

"Perfect for the home or school library and a fun addition to history class."

Jill Stanish
"The books are a wonderful glimpse at how a Christian family faces challenges through prayer and Biblical wisdom."

"I like that she is portrayed as a normal little girl who is not perfect and messes up."

Kristin Plausky
"4 stars."

Julie J.
"I love how Andi and her family are not afraid to express their beliefs as well."

"The Christian worldview books follow the adventures of nine-year-old Andi, through sweet, wholesome storylines and historical events. The author includes a 'History Fun' lesson at the end, all about the sheep and cattle wars of the late 1800s."

"Andi and her family lived a Godly life."

"The books contain some illustrations for the young readers and also a page wherein new words and definitions are introduced."

Marjo B
"I have found that Susan's books stay true to the Christian faith without becoming fake or unrealistic."

Sydney Anderson
"5 stars. Well-written, entertaining, and engaging. With a bit of adventure and drama added into the mix."

"A well written story for young chapter book readers and charming pen drawings make this a delightful book. From the Christian publisher, Kregel, you can rely on it to be a good story, clean, spiritually uplifting."

"Marlow does a good job of telling the story and keeping young readers engaged."

Aimee S.
"I think young girls will enjoy this book and other books in this series."