And Social Justice for All

March 29, 2019

Joan Nienhuis
"An excellent resource for parents, teachers, and youth workers who want to help young people become more aware of social issues."

Edna G.
"VERY useful book. It should be [in] everyone's Library. Beautiful written and so well informing and enlightening."

"As a mom, I found so much to love about this book! I highly recommend this book as an amazing resource for people who want to become more conversant in the issues that most people in our world face every day."

Diane H.
"A brilliant resource."

Lori McClure
"A breath of fresh air and complete and total necessity right now in our world. A must read for sure and a huge thank you to an author who took the time to make a life-changing book for all ages."

"5 stars."

Ginger Li
"Lisa does a great job researching her material and providing lots of great resources to help parents discuss tough issues with their kids."

"As a public school teacher and a mother of three, I find this to be one of the most practical books I have ever read for how to teach children about the many facets of social justice, loving others and the world around them."

"4 Stars."

Gene T
"One of the most unique and useful books I've ever read!"

Amy Sullivan
"I just ordered a copy for my daughter's teacher and our children's ministry director. Valuable resource I will refer to frequently."

Christina Hubbard
"Chockful of resources and ideas for anyone who wants to get over their discomfort and live faith and love out loud."

Maggie H-G
"I killed a hi-lighter because of this book. A must read. For you, for your community, for your leaders. I highly recommend picking up a copy, pulling out a fresh hi-lighter, and absorbing so much of the pages of this incredible book."

"We often read a lot about social justice but lack details on how to follow up on them. This book fills in this need for the call to action. 4.75 stars of 5."