A Song of Home

January 09, 2018

"Ms. Finkbeiner has done a brilliant job bringing the characters to life."

Suzie Waltner
"A Song of Home hits all the right notes."

"This has quickly become one of my favorite series and I can't wait to see what she comes out with next."

Lisa Johnson
"5 stars."

Leah Courtney
"An amazing book."

Sue W.
"There is much here for Christian book clubs (and other groups, too) to discuss."

Blooming with Books
"Interesting and enjoyable."

"It's got everything you could want in a heartfelt story with awesome characters and realistic storyline that tugs at your emotions."

Beckie Burnham
"I have loved every book in this series, and A Song of Home is the crowning finale. Highly Recommended. Great for Book Clubs."

"It read flawlessly. I was dazzled to be so captivated. 5 Stars."

"I pray I am allowed a window into Pearl Spence's life for years to come! What a powerful series this is!! Powerful!!"

Hanna Lei
"A great novel to read!"

Joan Nienhuis
"The every day life of Pearl and those around her is well portrayed in an entertaining yet insightful way."

Two Girls and a Book
"Susie Finkbeiner created characters that I absolutely adore and brought them to life with her masterful story telling."

Deana Dick
"The author is a master of storytelling."

Maureen Timerman
"I for one cannot wait for more by this author!"

"A beautiful beautiful story! You will want to read all 3 books, I promise! Each one exceeds the other!"

Jordan Mierek
"I am deeply in love with this series."

Melissa Finnegan
"This book is truly a piece of art and the words paint a beautiful, heartbreaking picture."

"I recommend A Song of Home to all adult readers."

"A thought-provoking lyrical tale."

"4.5 stars."

"A sometimes poignant story that also brims with hope, "A Song of Home" is one that will resonate with many readers."

Lori Parrish
"I took my time in savoring this wonderful novel."