A Hero for Miss Hatherleigh

April 01, 2019

Mary-Ann Bell
"Never a dull moment in the storyline. A wonderful new series."

"It's a great read with just enough love and a whole lot of suspense to keep the reader turning the pages."

"Well done, Carolyn Miller, you have written a gem!"

Suzie Waltner
"A Hero for Miss Hatherleigh once again proves why Miller is a must-read Regency author who consistently delivers books that are not to be missed."

"I look forward to more in this series!"

"Miller once again captivates with engaging characters, brilliant and often humorous banter, and a sigh-worthy romance."

Diane Estrella
"There was a beautiful discovery of faith that I believe happened naturally and organically."

Anne Payne
"5 STARS!!!"

Shantelle Mary
"Caroline's journey to Jesus Christ was honest and profound, and brought tears to my eyes. It's not often you see a genuine coming to faith in fiction these days, so I very much value that aspect of this author's work."

"It is the perfect novel to get lost in."

"A unique tone that is unlike any other Regency England novel I remember reading."

Romances of the Cross
"Another excellent beginning to a new Regency series."

"Once again I have been held spellbound by one of Carolyn Miller's novels. Such a joy to read."

Pause for Tales
"You can never go wrong with a Regency story by author Carolyn Miller."

Blooming with Books
"Overall a highly recommended read for any who enjoys Jane Austen, Regency fiction or historical English fiction."

Baker Kella
"Ya'll, this book did not disappoint!"

"This series promises to be as good as her previous ones!"

"The message of faith woven in with the exceptional storyline and well-crafted characters made this one of my favorite books penned by Miss. Miller."

Melissa Finnegan
"Carolyn [Miller} is a master at creating a story world that seems very believable."

Carol R. Gehringer
"A clean romance suitable for older teens and adults, with historical detail and superior characterization. Recommended for high school and public libraries."

"A truly wonderful book on many levels!"

"I highly recommend this start of a new series and can't wait to read the rest!"

Amanda T.
"If you're looking for a fun read with a little added romance, pick up [this] series."

"Miller's knack for life-like dialogue, exquisite detail, and genuine characters kept me immersed until the last page."

"A fast, romantic, and tender story that you won't soon forget."

"I love, love Carolyn Miller's books and this one did not disappoint! I highly recommend this sweet Regency read to those loving this genre!"

Sydney Anderson
"A beautiful story about family, friendship, and love."

Midwest Book Review
"A wonderfully entertaining and deftly written read from cover to cover...reservedly and enthusiastically recommended to the attention of all historical romance fiction fans."