99 Prayers for Children

November 05, 2015

WV Stitcher
"Another great thing about each prayer is that the scripture reference is included at the end so you can look up the scripture the prayer is based on if you so choose."

Raindrops and Rainbows
"It provides a nice way to teach children how to pray for others and as well as how to use different prayers and not just the same one every time."

Indoor Garden Musings
"This book would be a great addition to a child’s book collection."

Blooming With Books
"This book is one that will be a perfect addition to your family devotion time."

Whispering the Word
"We found the poems appealing, comforting, helpful, and child friendly."

A Path of Joy
"99 Prayers for Children would make a fabulous gift this holiday season!"

3 Partners in Shopping
"I wish that this book was around when my children were small, but I am able to share it with my grandchildren."

Our Perfectly Imperfect Life
"It's NEVER too early to instill the habit of praying and talking to Jesus."

"I do like that the book ends with The Lord's Prayer . . ."

Kissed by Literature
"I can see this being read every night to a child."

Just A Girl and Her Bible
"Overall, this is a great book to have in your library for the little ones."

Wordy Nerdy Blog
"I loved the book and find it to be a worthwhile investment for parents, grandparents and teachers."

Come Have a Piece
"This is a positive, prayerful, engaging prompter for parents and kids to call on the One who holds the world in His hands."

Faith and Family Reviews
"I love using this text in my religious education classes to facilitate prayer and understanding with my students."

"This book does not have a prayer for every situation, but it is a good stepping stone for learning to create your own prayers."

Maureen's Musings
"The prayers are geared for children, but found myself shaking my head yes, for they touched all."

Mrs. C's Book Reviews
"I encourage you to purchase a copy to read to your children or grandchildren, and several to give away as gifts."

Create With Joy
"The sources are diverse, including song, verse, traditional prayer – and, of course, Scripture itself!"

A Book A Day
"I was pleasantly surprised to find prayers for family members, prayers for help, and also prayers of thankfulness."

Window To My World
"The illustrations only add to the prayers with their whimsical facial features and pastel palette."