ALSO BY THE AUTHOR UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 978-1-68370-040-1 • $15.99 Paperback • 5.5 x 8.5 • 300 pages FICTION / Christian / Romance Gilead Publishing • Rights: World January 16, 2018 Can you love your enemies when they take everything from you? By 1943, Anna Zadok, a Jewish Christian living in Prague, has lost too much, including her career as a concert violinist and almost her entire family. The only person she has left is her beloved grandmother, and she’s determined to keep her safe. But protecting Grandmother won’t be easy—not with a Nazi officer billeted below them. Anna must keep a low profile. There’s one thing she refuses to give up, though. Despite instruments being declared illegal, Anna defiantly continues to practice her violin. She has to believe that the war will end someday and her career will be waiting for her. Fortunately for Anna, the officer, Horst Engel, enjoys her soothing music. It distracts him from his dissatisfaction with Nazi ideology and reminds him that beauty still exists in an increasingly ugly world. When his neighbors face deportation, Horst is moved to risk everything to hide them. Anna finds herself falling in love with the handsome officer and his brave heart. But what he reveals to her might break her trust and stop the music forever . . . Best-selling novelist Liz Tolsma is the author of several World War II novels and prairie romance novellas. She also works as a freelance editor. She lives in a semirural area of Wisconsin with her husband and two daughters. Her son serves with the US Marines. All of their children came to them through international adoption. Her other passions include walking, gardening, camp- ing, and reading. | 7 | FICTION ISBN 978-1-68370-040-1 9 7 8 1 6 8 3 7 0 0 4 0 1 The Melody of the Soul Liz Tolsma Remember the Lilies Daisies Are Forever Snow on the Tulips • First book in a new series by best- selling author Liz Tolsma • World War II stories remain popular among readers MUSIC OF HOPE #1