• What Can You See? On Christmas Night
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    ISBN: 9780745961422

    Pages: 32

    Publication date: 8-17-2010

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Lion Children's Books

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    What Can You See? On Christmas Night

    A hole-in-the-page novelty book that leads from one Christmas scene to another

    This novelty book cheerfully leads children from one Nativity scene to another, with a hole in the page that acts as a window through which the reader can catch a glimpse of what comes next.

    As the story is retold, a repeated refrain asks of the characters--Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, and the Wise Men--"and what did they see?" Looking through the hole and turning the page reveals a new point of view and so the story continues until the reader is finally presented with the stable scene, illustrated with an abundance of detail, and is asked the concluding question, "and what can you see?"

    A fun way to share the Nativity story, helping children take note of all the characters and events involved.