• Answers to Common Questions About Heaven & Eternity

    Answers to Common Questions About Heaven & Eternity
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    Edition: January 24, 2011

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    Series: Answers to Common Questions

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    Answers to Common Questions About Heaven & Eternity

    What Christians believe about heaven and eternity has eternal consequences. Almost everyone has some ideas about these issues, but not all are biblical. For those readers wanting to know what the Bible says, the Answers to Common Questions series offers concise, yet thorough answers to all of their questions.

    Heaven is very real, but often misinterpreted. In Answers to Common Question About Heaven & Eternity, authors Timothy Demy and Thomas Ice discuss such queries as:

    • What will heaven be like?

    • Does everyone go to heaven?

    • What do other religions teach about heaven?

    Written in question-and-answer format for easy reading, this quick reference provides brief summaries of important biblical doctrines so Christians can confidently and honestly discuss their beliefs with family, friends, and neighbors.
    Timothy J. Demy (ThM and ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is the author, coauthor, and editor of numerous books and articles on history, theology, and ethics.