• Big Bang Big God

    Big Bang Big God
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    ISBN: 9780745956268

    Edition: November 06, 2013

    Pages: 208

    Publication date: November 06, 2013

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    Category: Theology and Religious Studies

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    Big Bang Big God

    A Universe Designed for Life?

    In Big Bang Big God, Rodney Holder argues that only the existence of God can provide an adequate explanation for the existence of the universe, and that design by God provides the best and most rational explanation for its beginning state and the astonishing precision of nature's physical constants-- its so-called "fine-tuning."

    To explain the present state of the universe, the best current scientific theories require that this fine-tuning be extremely precise. Dr. Holder examines the discoveries of modern cosmology:

    • How did the universe begin and how has it evolved?
    • Why are the laws of nature so fine-tuned as to produce a universe with intelligent creatures in it such as mankind?
    • Can the existence of a multiverse, a vast or infinite collection of universes, explain the specialness of this universe?

    Each of these features point unequivocally to a Creator. Big Bang Big God is an important and luminous book that will find a place with readers curious about the origins of our world.

    Dr. Rodney Holder is the course director for the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. Prior to that he worked as a parish vicar. As an ordained scientist, he has written widely on cosmology, natural theology, creation, evolution, and quantum theory. He has lectured on science, and is an elected member of the International Society for Science and Religion, Christians in Science, the Society of Ordained Scientists, and the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Science and Religion forum.