• Hanging on Every Word

    Hanging on Every Word
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    ISBN: 9780857215062

    Edition: August 18, 2014

    Pages: 224

    Publication date: August 18, 2014

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

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    Hanging on Every Word

    48 of the World's Greatest Stories, Retold for Reading Aloud

    48 classic tales, retold for use with children aged 5-11, designed to set the imagination alight and communicate important truths

    This inspiring resource contains 48 of the world's greatest stories, dramatically retold for reading aloud with children aged 5-11. While there are a few Bible stories, most are taken from classic literature or from folk tales. The stories vary in length and topic, but all contain important Christian truths.

    Drawing on the rich imaginations of master storytellers throughout the ages, author Mark Griffiths brings their creations vividly to life. He includes three delightful tales from Oscar Wilde. There are other more traditional stories from around the world, such as Antonio the Juggler from Italy and the tragic tale of Gelert from Wales. His retelling of the "Russian Shoemaker" by Leo Tolstoy is enchanting and a must read for Christmas.

    While some of the stories are true--the story of Gladys Aylward who rescued children in China and the delightful tale of how Amy Carmichael prayed for blue eyes--others tell of wondrous adventure, such as Ruth Sanderson's "The Enchanted Wood" and the delightful "Hugs and Kisses" contest.

    A charming book that will be enjoyed time and again, this will hold the attention of both children and adults and will lead to fruitful discussions of bigger themes such as truth, courage and identity.
    Author: Mark Griffiths
    Revd Dr Mark Griffiths is married to Rhian and they have three children: Nia, Owen and Elliot. He has worked in various denominations at both local church and national level. He has been involved in running children's events and training children's leaders both nationally and internationally for many years. He has developed outreach children's clubs, children's discipleship groups, after-school clubs, Sunday schools, holiday clubs, schools ministry and summer camps and passionately believes that successful children's ministry is a major key to church growth. He is author of Fusion, Impact, Detonate, and One Generation from Extinction. He is Vicar of Warfield, Berks.