• Wind and Shadow

    Wind and Shadow
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    Price: $15.99

    ISBN: 9781683701873

    Edition: December 11, 2018

    Pages: 280

    Publication date: December 11, 2018

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Enclave

    Category: Fiction

    Series: Firebird

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    Wind and Shadow

    Book #4

    Conflict explodes when apprentice priest Kiel Caldwell arrives to explore rumors of new spiritual revelation, but he is kidnapped by a demon-possessed telepath who thinks he might be a predicted messiah. And when Kiel's loose-cannon military brother Kinnor arrives to investigate, a local leader with revenge on her mind threatens to bring down ruin on them all.

    It's up to returning Mikuhran diplomat Wind Haworth to head off a conflict that could have spiritual, political, and military consequences--but no one foresees the consequences of introducing Haworth to Federate military Sentinel Kinnor Caldwell.
    Author: Kathy Tyers