• The Princess Club

    The Princess Club
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    ISBN: 9781683701910

    Edition: February 12, 2020

    Pages: 112

    Publication date: February 12, 2020

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Evergreen Farm

    Category: Fiction

    Series: Christy of Cutter Gap

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    The Princess Club

    Book #7

    When Ruby Mae, Bessie, and Clara discover gold in Dead Man's Creek, they form a secret group, calling themselves "The Princess Club." Soon the word gets out and everyone in Cutter Gap races to find more gold. Christy watches in dismay as the girls, and soon the whole town, are torn apart by greed and envy. Can she find a way to heal the bitter divisions caused by a handful of gold?
    Author: Catherine Marshall
    Catherine Marshall, New York Times best-selling author of thirty books, is best known for her novel Christy. Based on the life of her mother, a teacher of mountain children in poverty-stricken Tennessee, Christy captured the hearts of millions and became a popular CBS television series. As her mother reminisced around the kitchen table at Evergreen Farm, Catherine probed for details and insights into the rugged lives of these Appalachian highlanders. A beloved inspirational writer and speaker. Catherine's enduring career spanned four decades and six continents, and reached over 30 million readers.