• The Death Beat

    The Death Beat
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    ISBN: 9781782642473

    Edition: January 23, 2018

    Pages: 336

    Publication date: January 23, 2018

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Lion Fiction

    Category: Fiction

    Series: Poppy Denby Investigates

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    The Death Beat

    Book #3

    When London Daily Globe editor Rollo Rolandson has to return to New York for three months, he takes his star reporter, Poppy Denby, with him. Poppy is very excited to be working on the world-famous New York Times and looks forward to immersing herself in the arts and entertainment of Manhattan. Instead, she is allocated the death beat--journalese for obituaries--and tied to her desk.

    But our intrepid young reporter has a nose for a story, and when a European prince dies in a luxury penthouse apartment, she starts to investigate. She follows a sordid trail involving illegal immigrants, forced labor, eugenics, sexual scandals . . . and an unexpected ghost from her past. From the speakeasies of Greenwich Village to the sweatshops of the Garment District, Poppy Denby seeks justice for the victims of a shameful crime.
    Author: Fiona Veitch Smith
    Fiona Veitch Smith has short-listed for the Crime Writers Association's Endeavour Historical Dagger Award for The Jazz Files. She has worked as a journalist in South Africa and the United Kingdom and is now an associate lecturer in journalism at Newcastle University. She also teaches creative writing at Northhumbria University.