• For Us Humans

    For Us Humans
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    ISBN: 9781683701538

    Edition: August 14, 2018

    Pages: 384

    Carton quantity: 48

    Publication date: August 14, 2018

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Gilead Enclave

    Category: Fiction

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    For Us Humans

    A Tale of Alien Occupation

    When Caz gets the big call from the FBI--a million bucks to recover a stolen statue of significant cultural value--it comes with a downside. His assigned partner has more of an interest in Jesus than Caz is comfortable with. Oh, and he's an alien with four arms and a tremendous sense of smell. Welcome to 2018.

    When aliens showed up fifteen years ago, Earth cut a deal to join the Panstellar Consociation as a protectorate, allowing their new neighbors to set up a warp tunnel in orbit, in exchange for advanced tech secrets. Now Caz is caught up in the retrieval of their missing statue, and they want the mission kept quiet.

    Or Earth could be in very, very big trouble.
    Author: Steve Rzasa
    By day, Steve Rzasa works as your local technical services librarian in Buffalo, Wyoming. By night, he dons his spacesuit and authors speculative fiction. Steve has written eleven novels, including Broken Sight, which won an American Christian Fiction Writers’ Best Speculative Fiction award in 2012. He’s a fan of all things sci-fi and superhero, and a student of history. You can follow Steve at SteveRzasa.com and on Facebook and Twitter.