• No Ceiling to Hope

    No Ceiling to Hope
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    Edition: May 08, 2012

    Pages: 192

    Publication date: May 08, 2012

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    No Ceiling to Hope

    Stories of Grace from the World's Most Dangerous Places

    Inspirational stories show how people and communities are being transformed by hope and faith in Christ

    Servants of Christ are in the transformation business. This kind of transformation will only happen if we refuse to be
    seduced by false idols like success, money, fame, and security--to be the church we were called to be. We need to take
    ownership of the problems around us and work with people who are suffering in order to find solutions and offer lasting change.

    Patrick travels the globe to find examples. He reports how in Bolivia Christian backing for education projects allows families to find a way out of poverty. In London his organization XLP mentors young people to turn aside from violence. In downtown Los Angeles a new future is being offered to girls in gangs. In high security prisons in the UK and US the Spirit is turning lives around. In Belfast's hard-bitten Shankill Road area a group of elderly ladies cook meals for men who sit all day in local pubs. The list is extensive--and inspiring. The common element in each of these circumstances is that the church is offering hope. In Christ there really is no limit.

    Author: Patrick Regan
    Patrick Regan is the founder of XLP, a charity that fights poverty, supports education, and helps young people in London, England. He has won the Mayor of London's peace award, speaks regularly at Soul Survivor and Spring Harvest, and is a frequent guest on radio and TV programs speaking about issues of poverty and justice.
    Liza Hoeksma
    Liza Hoeksma is a writer who has been involved with Soul Survivor for over ten years. She has co-authored several books, including Conspiracy of the Insignificant and No Ceiling to Hope with Patrick Regan and Worship Evangelism Justice with Mike Pilavachi.