• Explore the Bible Sticker Book

    Explore the Bible Sticker Book
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    Price: $14.99

    ISBN: 9781859858189

    Edition: June 18, 2010

    Pages: 48

    Publication date: June 18, 2010

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Candle Books

    Category: Children's Bibles and Reference

    Series: Candle Discovery Series

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    Explore the Bible Sticker Book

    Author: Tim Dowley

    Explore the Bible Sticker Book helps children discover life in Bible times as they search for the detailed sticker that relates to each fact or story. As children find the correct sticker that completes the page, it helps them retain knowledge and, once completed, the book serves as a fully illustrated resource. Explore the many facets of life in Bible times, including the people, professions, architecture, journeys, and daily life that make up a rich biblical history.

    Perfect for today's 7 to 9 age range, Explore the Bible Sticker Book is interactive and informative!

    Author: Tim Dowley
    Tim Dowley (Ph.D. in church history, University of Manchester) has been at the forefront of writing and editing for a new generation of resources on biblical studies and church history.