• The Very First Christmas

    The Very First Christmas
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    ISBN: 9780825455568

    Edition: September 03, 2013

    Pages: 12

    Carton quantity: 24

    Publication date: September 03, 2013

    Format: Board book

    Imprint: Kregel Children's Books

    Category: Children's Bible Stories

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    The Very First Christmas

    What are some things Mary and Joseph might have packed for their journey? What kind of animals could have been in the stable when Jesus was born? Brilliant illustrations bring the story of Jesus' birth to life in eye-popping detail: from Gabriel's visit to young Mary to the wise men visiting the Christ child at home. Busy scenes and more than 175 labeled people and objects make this book an interactive learning experience.
    Lori C. Froeb lives and works in Westchester County, New York. As a children's book editor, Lori has had the opportunity to write over one hundred books for kids--which she finds both challenging and rewarding. Lori tries to carry God's promises with her every day.
    After graduating from Cornwall School of Art & Design in 1982, illustrator Steve Cox went to work for a design firm, creating a variety of licensed characters, in particular those for Roland Rat, a British television series. In 1987 he established Primary Design, which quickly became the approved studio for the illustration and design of many well-known TV characters. After about five years, however, despite his success, he decided that the drawing board was more satisfying than running a company, and he returned to full-time illustration. Steve lives in Bath, England.