• The Lion Book of Two-Minute Parables

    The Lion Book of Two-Minute Parables
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    Price: $12.99

    ISBN: 9780745962016

    Edition: January 06, 2012

    Pages: 48

    Publication date: January 06, 2012

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Lion Children's Books

    Category: Children's Bible Stories

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    The Lion Book of Two-Minute Parables

    Offering the solution for short story times with little ones, here is a collection of ten of Jesus' most famous stories. Each story is retold in a short, entertaining narrative with quirky illustrations that add to the momentum. The playful feel of the stories is enhanced by join-in labels and speech bubbles, so that little ones
    can share in the fun.

    The parables include: The Sower, The Merchant and the Pearl, Building a Tower, The Man Who Could Not Pay, The Rich Fool, The Friend at Midnight, Ten Bridesmaids, The Great Feast, The Runaway Son, and The Workers in the
    Vineyard--covering all the well-known stories a parent would want their child to know and learn from.

    Elena Pasquali was brought up in South Wales and studied Romance languages at university. She worked for some years in children's publishing before going on to be an author in her own right. She has a special interest in researching and retelling folk tales from around the world. She enjoys exploring new cultures, traveling, and learning the languages that will help her on her way.