• Jesus Detective

    Jesus Detective
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    Price: $14.99

    ISBN: 9780745964447

    Edition: September 01, 2014

    Pages: 48

    Publication date: September 01, 2014

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Lion Children's Books

    Category: Children's Activities

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    Jesus Detective

    A Puzzle Search Book

    Young detectives will never tire of this picture-search puzzle book. Readers can pore over seventeen cleverly illustrated scenes of events from the life of Jesus to find the answers to the questions posed on each page. Some puzzles involve looking for details of everyday life, others highlight things that happened in the Bible stories--offering hours of entertainment to readers as they search for the answers. With lots to find, this kind of picture book is particularly great for visual learners, helping all children gain key insights into the life of Jesus as they supersleuth their way through the book. Warning: may be addictive!
    Peter Martin has developed a wide knowledge of biblical history during his many years working in religious education. His years as a parent as well as a teacher equip him to bring his expertise in this field within reach of young readers. He acted as an advisor on The Bible in Its Time, also from Lion Children's Books.